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Our Guarantee

Service Guarantees for Pool Maintenance

Because our full pool cleaning service program include both the chemical maintenance and pool cleaning; the water treatment is guaranteed. We also guarantee our workmanship on the cleaning of your swimming pool.

See below for details on how each of our guarantees work. We use the 100% satisfaction guarantee badge on the items where a full refund is offered.

Water Balance Guarantee:

Customers on our full pool cleaning service program can expect we will correct any normal water balancing issues at no additional charge provided the swimming pool and equipment have been kept in proper working order and service has not been interrupted.

Note: Start-up chemicals such as Cyanuric Acid and Calcium are subject to "creeping up" over the years. If these start-up chemicals creep up out of range they may require a full or partial water change since these chemicals cannot typically be lowered in a reliable manner without a water change. A full or partial water change is also typically needed every few years for impurities in the tap water that will creep up over time. These impurities are referred to with the catch-all term "Total Dissolved Solids" or "TDS".

This Guarantee means we will correct any chemical issues free of charge provided they do not fall into one of the exceptions mentioned above.

Pool Cleaning Guarantee:

If you find you are not satisfied with a pool cleaning just let us know promptly and we'll re-clean it for free. Please be sure to tell us the day you had your cleaning or right away the next day - within 36 hours. This will help us identify potential causes and correct this for the future.

This Guarantee means we will re-clean your swimming pool free of charge and ensure all the appropriate items on your Pool Maintenance Report have been performed to your satisfaction if notified within 36 hours.

This Guarantee further means we will issue a full refund on the pool cleaning service visit in question if you reported it withing the first 36 hours and we were unable to re-clean the swimming pool to your satisfaction.

Maintenance Report Guarantee:

Pool Maintenance Reports are an important record of the work performed at your swimming pool. If you ever find that a Pool Maintenance Report is not filled out at a scheduled cleaning visit please let us know right away. We will dispatch someone from the office to verify your Report promptly.

Note: We need cooperation in keeping the Pool Maintenance Report clip by your pool, These clips prevent the slips from flying away and damaging the Report. If you prefer to have the report kept somewhere else please let us know.